Thursday, 14 June 2007

Vodka Sarkoff

Had (teatotaller) Sarkozy indulged in a little vodka during the talks with Putin which preceded this press conference? Either way, the result is positive: he seems quite a lot more likeable than usual, and not even those few and brave Galliards who are holding out against the Sarko wave will be too scared to share a Vodka Sarkoff.

(On the negative side, though, see the last blog entry on Sarkozy's moving uncompromisingly towards tightening immigration laws in France, and planning to deport 25.000 illegal immigrants this year)

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Benoit Du Cann said...

A friend of mine told me that beneath the seemingly funny side of seeing sarkozy drunk, one should hear the alarm bells ringing. What did Putin say to Sarko? What pushed him to drink?