Friday, 12 October 2007

Swiss Sheep

We Europeans have many prejudices about Americans; not all of them entirely unfounded. But one of the American prejudices about Europe that I often have to argue against is that racism is a lot more widespread in our beloved Old World. Mostly, people who argue this are simply misinformed. Sometimes, however, I think there may be a modicum of truth to this.

Switzerland, for example, will be voting in 10 days, and Blocher's right-wing extremist SNP will likely gather more than a quarter of the votes. And in case you think they're not so bad - or at least not openly racist - have a look at the SNP's election poster:

It reads something like: "People's Initiative to Deport Criminal Foreigners - Building Security". The foreigners, in case you didn't find the slogan offensive enough, are depicted by a black (!) sheep, being booted out by a good white patriotic (and presumably Swiss) sheep.

Let's hope Swiss voters give Blocher the boot instead. But there's not much hope. Perhaps I'll just have to start admitting that we Europeans do have a real problem with racism??


theduili said...

Now, Mr. Blocher is the Black Sheep himself
The tyrannosaurus rex, Christoph Blocher, the right-wing has been eliminated from the Swiss Government as Bundesreat by fair elections, but he and his SVP party still have enormous difficulty to realize what has happened to them.
In his speach, he attacked the Swiss Parliament, the principles of solidarity, and concordance and threatened that all who denied his further remaining in the Swiss Government would regret it, at the latest in 4 years from now. He further stressed that now as a free man he would uncover the dirt wiped
under the rug of Swiss parliament.
He and his followers will now form and opposition party and they excluded the officially elected two SVP members, Samuel Schmid and Evelin Widmer-Schlumpf from the SVP parliament fraction, denying them the support of the own SVP party.
Mr Blocher also said, that the lady, Mrs Widmer-Shlumpf, who had been elected instead of Mr Blocher, was a no-body and unknown to the majority of parliament still two days ago.
He did not congratulate her for her
election. Thus, he removed any doubts himself, for those who still doubted that his non-election was correct, that he does not have the formate of the true Statesman and thus his removal from Swiss Government was a good move. It is comforting to see that the Swiss democratic system worked to eliminate members of the parliament who wanted to dominate in a very unsympathetic, egotistic, autocratic, intolerant and plutocratic manner. Congratulation, this 13th of December 2007 is a memorable day in Swiss History

Theo Wallimann. 80962, Bergdietikon, AG, Switzerland

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I have some friends from Europe and I know they are not racist at all, on the contrary, they are very congenial! I know it is very difficult to generalize, but it is a missconception without doubts.

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the black sheep is a proverbial character, not a racist stereotype. think about it.