Monday, 12 May 2008

A European View is Excited about.. * The Utopian *

An exciting magazine, founded by Alex Lee and me. It will be published this Wednesday. Watch this space for the link, which will appear here very soon...

Do read it (and excuse my related and very long blogging-absence)!

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We Change Europe said...

Hi. The European Union (EU) for many years has been claiming its ambition to be more democratic and citizen-friendly. So far, the decision-making process in Brussels is not comprehensible for the large majority of the Union’s citizens. As well, the low participation rate in the elections for the European Parliament shows that the gap between the EU and the citizens is growing.

But thanks to the Treaty of Lisbon (which still has to be ratified in most of the member states) we see a great, maybe a unique, chance to contribute to the democratisation of our Union: Art 11.4 has given European citizens the possibility to exert their right to speak in changing the future of their Union.

For reaching the goal of a minimum of one million signatures, we have created an Association called “Europe needs initiative!”