Friday, 16 May 2008

The Utopian ...

... has launched!

Please do take a minute to look at this very exciting magazine, which I have founded together with Alex Lee.


The Utopian
is devoted to seeking out the most original and challenging ideas in contemporary politics, art and culture. Taking from utopian thought a spirit of free inquiry and open-mindedness, the magazine includes diverse perspectives in the recognition that nothing is unthinkable.

Drawing on a distinguished network of contributors from around the world, The Utopian offers high-quality reportage and a searching analysis of important contemporary issues. Transgressing the limits of traditional journalism, The Utopian is also a prime forum for full-length photographic articles, experimental music and innovative video art.

Coinciding with the fortieth anniversary of the 1968 students' rising in Paris, The Utopian's inaugural issue addresses the revolutionary spirit, then and now. Looking back, The Utopian explores the legacy of 1968, asking if these cultural transformations still have the force to shape the future, even after forty years. Looking forward, The Utopian seeks out new directions in politics, philosophy and art, questioning whether they might - and whether they should - have a similarly transformative impact. This search will continue in forthcoming issues, including "Beyond Liberalism?" and "Making History".